Saturday, October 8, 2011

The Case of a Variety of Blessings

One autumn evening, when the air outside was tinted the dusty rose of a Northern Ontario sunset, hubby Karl looked up from his copy of the Black Currant Bay Beacon Star and said, "Sounds like Tom's having trouble with his Jeep."

What? I could barely hear what he was talking about, would never have identified it as a Jeep, certainly not a Jeep in trouble, let alone Tom's Jeep in trouble. Not wanting to believe perceptiveness like this was strictly a Chief of Police thing, or heaven forbid a man thing, I decided to come up with an equally impressive example of insightfullness from my own experience.

How about that time I pointed out a problem in a high-priced Toronto antique store? I remember Karl beseeched me at the time to leave it alone, but the owner had mistakenly labelled an occasional chair Louis XV, when I knew for sure it was Louis XVI. Karl claimed both Louis' were way too dead to care. I realised we are all blessed...differently. Happy Thanksgiving!

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