Tuesday, November 1, 2011

The Case of Chilli (Update)

The last update I got from Samsung inexplicably deleted the driver for my Samsung notebook's touchpad. Oops! The following Chilli update is much less painful. Promise.

What I found was my Chilli was sticking to the bottom of the pot. I had to stir it often to prevent burning. So I said to myself, "Yves Original Ground Round is already cooked, so why not stir it in near the end of the cooking period, just so it has time to warm up?" Low and behold, the package advises the very same thing. 

And how about replacing the 28-oz-can tomato sauce with a 14-oz-can tomato sauce and a 14-oz-can diced tomatoes to give the Chilli a more rustic look and mouth feel?

Lastly, 5 jalapenos is a lot. And you can buy some pretty hefty jalapenos! It might be wise to call for 4 jalapenos. Or better yet, 3 chillis for a spicy, red-speckled look. Yup, I'm going back and changing my original post. I mean...I could leave my original Chilli recipe post alone, but when I cook, I want to refer to a single recipe with all revisions incorporated, so here goes...

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