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#190 The Case of Crime Writers of Canada 35th Anniversary Celebration at Chapters Newmarket

Do you know how thrilled I am to be appearing at a Chapters/Indigo store? Of course I will be showing up in the pages of mystery books for sale there: A KILLER NECKLACE and A PURSE TO DIE FOR. Author Cynthia will be the one greeting people and signing copies. I do all the work and she gets all the glory! I should start an organization representing characters' rights!
Nevertheless, save the date and I'll see you there! ♥ Becki

#189 The Case of Hot Chocolate

Frothy and light!
1-1/3 cups cashew milk
2/3 tablespoon cacao
1-1/3 tablespoons raw agave syrup
2/3 teaspoon vanilla

Pour all the ingredients into a high-speed blender, one with a soup function.

Wrap the upper part of a battery-operated electronic meat thermometer probe in plastic wrap so it doesn't get covered in Hot Chocolate. Hang it in the blender by its conduit and secure it with the blender lid so that there is NO WAY the probe can descend into the blades. I even hold on to the conduit while I'm blending because I don't want the probe pulled in further.

Blend until your Hot Chocolate reaches 118ºF.

Pour into a mug and enjoy!

Serves 1.