Sunday, June 9, 2013

#110 The Case of Poutine

"Poutine is a typical Canadian dish (originally from Quebec), made with French fries, topped with brown gravy and curd cheese."—Wikipedia

Nutritionists worldwide may be screaming in horror that poutine has captured the world by storm but, proud Canadian that I am, I'm shouting, "Yippee!"

To be sure, vegetarians are reputed to eat more along the lines of tofu, broccoli and brown rice but an occasional poutine won't kill us. In fact, fast-food poutine makes quite a comforting indulgence!

Did you know that poutine gravy, which is generally made from a mix, is vegetarian? Valerie of McCormick Canada Inc. confirmed to me by phone that Club House Brown Gravy Mix contains no meat products.

Silly to write out a recipe. All you do is sprinkle French fries with cheese curds then pour brown gravy over top. Seriously...yum!

♥ Becki

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  1. My friend introduced me to this dish when I visited her in Vancouver. Fries, brie cheese and gravy, soo delish! I still talk about it:)

    1. Ah, the gourmet version. I've seen foie gras as a topping too but, of course, I'm trying to be a good veggie.