Wednesday, July 17, 2013

#113 The Case of Being a Visiting Detective

Remember Detective Charlie Kerrian and his Favourite Sweet Potato Pie? If you've ever tasted it (recipe can be found on both our blogs, Vegetarian Detective and Kerrian's Notebook), I'm sure you remember him (as well as his lovely wife, Sheila).

Seems our Charlie is very busy these days. While he's waiting for his mystery One Sweet Motion—about murder while he was relaxing at a Jamaican resort—to be published, he's inviting a few of his detective pals, amateur and otherwise, to be guests on his blog.

Here's hoping the whole scenario doesn't imitate the Agatha Christie novel in which a varied group of guests are invited to stay on this island and one by one they're all (messily) dispatched, because...well...I'm privileged to be Charlie's first guest.

Find my post chez Detective Kerrian by clicking on the screenshot above. To be safe, I'm thinking...maybe you should do it sooner rather than later...


PS To leave me (and Cynthia) a message, click on the comment button below. Also, please don't be shy about leaving a message for Charlie on his blog. Maybe something about how you're quite fond of me and how you wouldn't want anything (messy) to happen to me...


  1. Hi Becki,
    Wasn't that a great crowd yesterday? So many people who were excited to meet you and hear your stories about Gina and what happened in THE PURSE TO DIE FOR (and eat the brownies). After you left, Sheila ran off some copies of the recipe for the latecomers. We're still getting calls from the neighbors today. I think Bill (next door) might even try a few vegetarian recipes of yours.
    Thanks again for stopping by! See you soon (and say hello to Cynthia for us)
    Charlie & Sheila

    1. Hi Charlie and Sheila,

      Becki says it was totally her pleasure visiting yesterday! You throw a fab party (and nobody was mysteriously dispatched, phew!)

      Are you staying cool today? There seems to be a heat wave all over the world right now and we also have tornado warnings in our area. If this message suddenly blanks out, you'll know I'm running to the basement. Tornados scare the heck out of me!